Cultivating Seaweed: Pumping & Filtration Equipment Supply

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Cultivating Seaweed: Pumping & Filtration Equipment Supply

Pumping, filtration and water supply equipment critical for experimental project growing seaweed as feed for cattle

Swansea Tasmania 7190. Pumping, filtration, water supply products and equipment. Irrigear Midlands was approached a local contracting professional to supply large bore poly fittings and four pump sets and filters to specifications supplied to him by their end customer. The products and equipment supplied by Irrigear Midlands is being used to supply water for an on-shore production site growing asparagopsis seaseed as a nutrient rich cattle feed supplement. The goal of this experimental project if the reduction of greenhouse gases in the production of cattle. Irrigear Midlands was able to meet all project specifications, using pumps from Southern Cross and Filtaworx filters from Helix Hydro.

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  • Southern Cross Pumps
  • Helix Hydro (Triangle Waterquip) – Filtaworx® 350EL
  • Plasson Australia – Poly Fittings


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